Useful tips on how to pop your ears on a flight

When a plane takes off or lands, many people, especially young children often suffer from tinnitus or an earache because of the rise of air pressure. So, getting rid of this problem when on the plane is the concern of many people, in particular, those who first take the plane.


The following is necessary and useful information on how to pop your ears on a flight you can easily follow. It will help you eliminate your discomfort from tinnitus and have an enjoyable trip.

Find out causes your ears need popping

Firstly, an earache or tinnitus appears on the airplane is displayed when the eardrum is inflated or dented due to changes in air pressure.

The air in the middle ear is continually drawn through the inner ear and is compensated through the eardrum.

When this happens, the air pressure on both sides of the eardrum is balanced. When the Eustachian tube is clogged, the air pressure on each side is not the same. The pressure in the middle ear is unbalanced, which makes the eardrum cannot vibrate normally, so the sound is muffled or blocked.

Besides, earache and tinnitus can occur in one or both ears, with symptoms such as feel discomfort or pain in the ear; buzz or tickle in the ear; have difficulty hearing; dizziness; ear bleeding.

If you have severe or persistent earaches, you may experience middle ear pain and feel the pressure in the ear as if you are in the water. It may lead to moderate or severe hearing loss.

In case the atria are completely blocked, the pressure changes may cause fluid accumulation or bleeding in the middle ear.

If you have a serious, long-lasting airborne illness, it can cause complications such as tear or perforation of the eardrum, ear infections, lost listening and other problems.

How to pop your ears on a flight efficiently and safely

1. Chew

Chew helps to stimulate the muscles to open the Eustachian tube. Therefore, it can be increased by chewing gum or candy on the plane to help get rid of the pressure.

However, Uchenna Okoye, a UK dentist and doctor, warns that: “You should only chew gum for 10 minutes or until the taste is gone. Otherwise, you will have a lot of health problems”.

According to her, the function of the teeth is chewing, while the longer gum in the mouth will be softened. Everyone tends to chew everything in their mouths. When chewing soft candy, the teeth start to collide causing cracking and breaking.

“Your jaw functions like a pestle and mortar. When chewing, something in the middle needs something else. Otherwise, the teeth will bump into each other and cause chipping, “says Dr. Uchenna.

On the other hand, in natural reflexes, when you chew, the stomach is activated to wait for food to drift down and start producing acid. This mechanism stimulates the gastric mucosa, which can cause stomach ulcers in people who chew gum all day long.

In addition to, chewing makes wear out the teeth. The reason is that we are always just chewing on one side of your jaw, which makes teeth inclined to one side and their surface flattered.

Chewing on one side of the jaw can also cause discomfort to the muscles and joints in the jaw.

2. Yawn

Yawn can also cause the Eustachian tube to open so that air enters the middle ear, thereby balancing the pressure on the other side of the eardrum.

However, make sure you do not fall asleep when the plane takes off or landed during sleep. The activity of yawning will not occur with sufficient frequency to balance the pressure inside, which gets the buzzing and ear pain worse.

Method 1:

  • Step 1: Gently tilt your head in a comfortable position and open your mouth wide and slowly.
  • Step 2: Follow the breathing method Ujjayi: Your throat contract lightly and exhale slowly through your nose while you close your mouth. Take deep breaths through your mouth so that you will feel the air emanating from your throat.
  • Step 3: Breathe in and exhale completely, relax your shoulders when exhaling.
  • Step 4: When yawning, open your mouth and stretch your jaw muscles.
  • Step 5: Repeat this action 8-10 times until secreting to tears. When the jaw muscles stretch and relax, the mouth expands. It stimulates the tear glands around the eye, causing tears to flow.

Method 2:

  • Do from step 1-3 in the method 1.
  • When yawning, the lips open slightly, the teeth slightly touch each other. This action will loosen the muscles in the throat, prolonging relaxation, comfort around the tongue, neck, jaw.
  • Repeat it for 8-10 times until tears begin to flow.

3. Valsalva maneuver Method

The last method on how to pop your ears is Valsalva maneuver. Do you think it is complicated? No, it is very simple and you completely do it easily as follows.


  • Hold the nose, then inhale air into the mouth until swelling of the cheeks.
  • Close the lid of the larynx by blocking the amount of air that is inhaled down your throat.
  • Move the soft palate (the soft part of the throat) to the central position in the oral cavity and use the tongue like a piston to push the air back into your throat.

After doing this method, your phenomenon of buzzing and ear pain on the flight will be resolved.


In addition to the methods on how to pop your ears above, you can also try other methods:

  • Place the palm of your hand on both ears, slowly rub your ear in a circle for 1 minute so that the ears feel warm. Then, with your middle finger covered in the ear and pull out, repeat about 50 times.
  • The other way is to knock the eardrum by putting the palm of your hand downwards the sides of the ear. The fingers move back, slightly cup, press into the heavy rhythm and the lightweight other, to do so 30 times. Then use two index fingers and middle finger to tap the back of the ear about 30 times.


With simple movements such as yawning, chewing and other methods above, you can pop your ears simply and do this everywhere, regardless of whether you prepare the necessary items to prevent from an earache or not.

However, you should be subjective either because these methods on how to pop your ears just apply to the simple cases. If your condition is severe, you should prepare medical equipment or use specialized drugs.

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