What Should You know about Rib Fabric? A Quick Peep at Its Features

In the middle of different kinds of fabrics, rib Fabric is a usual knit fabric type that gets produced by that of double plate knitting machine and it is usually used to form accessory fabric, tank tops and also the underwear.

In case you wish to get this fabric for your products, you can conveniently speak with  professional Lycra rib fabric manufacturers and ensure you get the quality stuff. You must know that this fabric is popular as accessory fabric to get employed as a collar and cuff for sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts and even for polo t-shirts. For your information, this is the rib fabric that is even known as; cotton rib fabric, cotton 2×2 rib fabric, camisole fabric, cotton 1×1 rib fabric, accessory fabric and so on. Moreover, it has been seen that this fabric changes the appearance and even the stretch capability of fabric.

Swift Points About Rib Fabric

There are various things to know about this fabric and a few of the swift ones are like:

  • Rib fabric is moderatelystretcher and more used as accessory fabric.
  • Stretch capability that rib fabric  has makes sure to be preferred as neck bands, sweater waistbands and sleeve bands.
  • It can get generated both as tubular rib fabric or that of open width rib fabric.
  • This is most of the times favoured ones are 1×1 type of cotton elastane rib fabric and that of 2×2 type of cotton elastane fabric. The rib fabric might be bleached, single dyed even, melange double, dyed in case of cotton or polyester blended fabric.
  • Then you know gsm of rib fabric varies on the basis of customer demands. For cotton elastane rib fabric, the gsm of this fabric might vary between two hundred grams to that of five hundred grams.
  • Width of this interlock fabric varies between 55-100 cm for the purpose of tube-shaped rib fabric and one hundred cm to that of one hundred eighty five cm for open width rib fabric. But you must remember that Rib fabric is most of the times taken as tubular fabric.

Rib Fabric is more Than It May look

Yes, this wonderful rib -knit fabric  is special sort of fabrics and these are well-known for the absolute shape retention and wonderful amount of elasticity. It might seem to be a basic stitch, but the stretchable design  it has do make it completely popular among the masses. The elasticity it has ends up from its distinct crosswire stitching direction.

Remember that this sort of fabric is acclaimed to be wonderful for mats, rugs, and accessories in home furnishing items, and even different sorts of garments such as winter gloves, scarves, socks, sweaters, and many other things. If you think that you would not attain get this fabric easily then you are wrong. You simply look for the professionals and they might get you the fabric in the finest shape and quality.


So,  you can easily consult rib fabric wholesale india professionals and get this fabric in abundance and in your budget.

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