Why should you wear blue sapphire or Neelam

The blue sapphire is one of the most beautiful stones used in the astrological purpose. The stone is governed by Saturn but it is not meant for everybody. Advising the person to wear a Neelam is a matter of great responsibility. This is because it can act in a negative way as well as a positive one depending on the person’s astrological chart. It is also one of the most fastest acting stones. It has to be advised very carefully. If the Neelam gemstone is worn properly then it can give results in a few days.

Who should wear this stone?

The Neelam brings about calmness of mind which is necessary for taking the right decision in any profession. Therefore, people with a very hectic schedule and demanding profession would do well to wear a blue sapphire. Sometimes people have a spiritual bent of mind but that spirituality is unattained because the mind is not calm. The Neelam can help such people to attend calmness and tranquillity. The Neelam gemstone is also necessary for maintaining health. For instance, people suffering from paralysis or even bone fever can show improvement by wearing this stone.

What the blue sapphire does

In Vedic astrology the Neelam is governed by Saturn. The planet is a karmic one and can cause serious improvement or downfall in a very short span of time. Saturn controls longevity and is a planet governed by restrictions, limitations and a separate nature. A person with a beneficial Saturn will be precise, persistent, reserved, provident, and responsible. He will spend money and will be more bent towards savings. Alternatively, if the Saturn is not in a favourable position then you could be melancholic, lazy, lethargic, deceitful and sceptical. The person is likely to suffer from various hindrances in all kinds of endeavour. You will also become depressed, distrustful, pessimistic and have bad company with him. An unfavourable Saturn can cause problems in the secretive system, feet, teeth, bones, nails, and hair. You can develop ailments like insanity, paralysis, rheumatism, bronchitis, gout etc. Buying an original blue sapphire is important so you can try online gemstone shopping.

The best of Neelam

The blue sapphire is a great stone for bringing about health, happiness, prosperity, mentally peace, wealth and safety from problems related to natural calamity. In terms of career and profession it can make a person rich and change the financial fortunes for something better. The stone is great for protecting oneself against the evil eye and evil spirits. It can also bring a good luck charm. The Saturn is the ruler of the nervous system and hence people wearing the stone can expect a calm mind and freedom from tension and neuro diseases. It is a beneficial stone for people into professions like astrology, medical, metallurgy, writers, scientists, mechanical engineers and people interested in drama, cinematography, direction and martial arts.

The blue sapphire should not be worn directly. You should give it a trial before wearing the actual one. This is because the stone does not suit everyone even the best can prove to be unlucky and pose a danger. Once the trial period is over in a proper way without any accidents then you can where the stone on a Saturday after purifying it.

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